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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon on May 31, Dan and LaVonya Goodwin, the founders of Life Connections Omaha (a 501(c)(3) organization), joined with 28 others made up of board members, lead facilitators of Global Leadership Group, as well as GLG participants and their families. Dan and LaVonya explained their strong dedication in building community here in North Omaha, and their lifelong passion towards educating families in the vital areas of life skills, finances, and personal development. 

LaVonya shined a light on the unique qualities that each of our students bring in their participation. One of our students lights up any room with her smile and positivity. Another student used this opportunity to build his confidence and public speaking skills by sharing his personal statement with pride. One student was recognized for her efforts in networking. Because she was invitational, several of her friends joined our weekly Wednesday sessions. Other young ladies helped explain their personal involvement in getting well over 100 students at Omaha North High School to sign their Cultivating Culture pledge. It reads, in part:

"I, (Student’s Name) pledge to cultivate a positive culture and be a Golden Viking with a Golden Standard. 

I am Motivated

I Respect Others

I am Positive

I Care"

This is exactly the type of growth we hope to facilitate here at Global Leadership Group! 

Although not all participants were on hand to receive their awards, LaVonya read each and every award out loud. It’s very clear that everyone gained something wonderful out of their first year of participation. We are truly excited to continue building and mentoring our students again in the fall. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to work with your student and recognize them at next year’s event. That would be amazing! As our planning for fall 2015 gets underway, we invite you to reach out to us and let us know how you and/or your student would like to be involved.

In the meantime, have a great and safe summer! Stay tuned for more photos!

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