Neighborhood Revitalization

Cultivating Culture Pledge

Omaha North High School Students Make a “Cultivating Culture Pledge”

 A Concept Toward a Nonviolent Atmosphere in Schools

The sounds of gunshots, domestic violence and even hatred have become too common in the city of Omaha. Young people have either been victims of violence or know someone who is a victim or has lost their lives to violence.  

In honor of National Youth Nonviolence week April 4-8, Global Leadership Group students are asking all North High students to sign a pledge stating, "I pledge to cultivate a positive culture and be a Golden Viking with a Gold standard. I am Motivated. I Respect Others. I am Positive. I Care.”  

The goal is to reach 500 signatures by the end of the week. 

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Number of Students Who Signed The Pledge: 0

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